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WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU a film by Noam Vardi Dana, a nervous young woman approaches her martial arts coach and asks him for a professional fight. He rejects her and says she is not ready yet, so she goes for a run in the nights hoping to find her fight. what doesn't kill you synopsis a film by Noam Vardi Dana is training at a martial arts gym. She appears nervous and undisciplined and carries a lot of baggage. She asks her coach to allow her to fight professionally to see if she has it. He refuses, claiming that she’s not ready yet, and needs more practice to restrain her nerves and ego before she can fight. Dana declines a party invitation after training because she’s busy at nights. In practice, she runs at nights to search for troubles that could have prompted her the fight she dreams on. Slide Watch the Movie a film by Noam Vardi NOAM VARDI about director Noam Vardi, director and screenwriter of the film In 2005, he began directing music videos, viral videos, commercials, and sketch shows on television. He just started a master's degree in film at Tel Aviv University. This is his first short film.