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A FILM BY NOAM VARDI What Doesn't Kill You PRODUCER: STAV BELITY about movie WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU What Doesn't Kill You is a short film in Hebrew telling the story of Dana -a girl who started to practice MMA due to her problematic past and is eager to get her first professional fight. WATCH THE FILM A STORY ABOUT REDEMPTION EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: SHAY HUGI

directors and producers

The core team of Hugi Films

Hugi Films is a production company based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Our work is built around the passion of telling stories through visuals.
By putting collaboration at the center of our process, we are able to do what we love the most:
finding the spirit of the human experience and elevating drama and action to new levels.
We are doing it because we love it and because we have a great crew and core people.

Shay Hugi

Executive Producer

Noam Vardi


Stav Belity


interesting details from the set

Film Quality

We film with Arri Alexa Mini Camera and strive to gain perfect quality in every shot possible. Our main focus is to bring the story to life using top of the line equipment in every production while considering the budget constrains.


Locations are a crucial part of every film production, we carefully pick the locations with our team and visit the sites several times, we apply for a permit to film and conduct the accessibility checkups so that all equipment can get to the site before the shoot.


It takes a lot of work to get a movie or TV show from script to screen. There are plenty of production and on set crew members who work directly with Background Actors, but there are many others responsible for bringing the elements of a film shoot together. We carefully pick the best suitable crew for every production and make sure they are synced with the director of the film in order to provide the most accurate vision to the script.

Films Distribution

Hugi Films distribution services

At Hugi Films we work with local agent and distribution company, focusing on commercially driven short and feature films of all genres and budgets.

Hugi Films represents projects at all stages of the filmmaking process, with the aim of helping producers and filmmakers achieve maximum exposure for their films. We attend all the major film festivals.

We also provide you with a set of social package, a fully featured website for your film, Youtube channel, Facebook and Instagram fully managed accounts.

Filmmakers about the movie

Hugi Films has engaged Noam Vardi to direct three short films, his first work on "What Doesn't Kill You" was excellent. He was extremely professional to deal with and responded very quickly to questions and communications. The quality of the finished products was superb. As a company, we cannot recommend him highly enough and we look forward to working with him again on the next short film

I had a great experience working with Hugi Films. I was very impressed with the quality of their work and their ability to capture the power, intensity and emotion of our film. They were so easy to work with and very detail-oriented from the very beginning. they took the time to talk through different strategies and concepts to ensure we got the most value out of our film.

Hugi Films are an exceptional all-around production company, they hired the best cameraman and editor for our project. They can be trusted to work under their own initiative and their forthcoming in creative ideas and technical solutions.

Partners and Brands we use

In our productions we choose to work with the best
Our high professional standards and a thorough understanding of the film industry allows us to choose and partner with the best brands, funds and companies to allow for a smooth and seamless production experience, so that your exclusive focus can remain nailing the big picture.